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Sunday, September 18, 2011

11046 :: Evolution of Love & Consciousness in Intimacy :: 09.16.11

Project Butterfly,Charu,Tantra,Bernie Prior,Dawn Cartwright

Date :: 09.16.11
Time :: 8:00-10:00pm | Doors Open @ 7:30pm
Location :: LightSpace Studio
Tuition :: $25 in Advance by Sept 14th | $30 at the door
Facebook Link :: CLICK HERE
Registration :: CLICK HERE

The Evolution of Love & Consciousness in Intimacy
A New Man, A New Woman, A New Humanity

with Bernie Prior, Dawn Cartwright and Charu

On Friday the 16th of September, Project Butterfly presents a Salon Discussion with Bernie, Dawn & Charu.

The beginning of a series of exclusive events where they will ::

*Explore the Evolution of love and consciousness between man and woman.

*Discover how we can enrich intimacy through connection and consciousness.

*Enter into a dynamic discussion of how our experience of intimacy in relating can actually effect the way we live on this planet.

*Explore with us how connecting to the body, mind, sexuality and the heart of our own being is an essential element for creating a new reality on earth.

*Learn The Form Reality Practice (TM): A 21st Century instrument of the Authentic Self, revealing Masculine Power and Feminine Radiance, evolving a new Man, a new Woman, a new Humanity

To learn more & book your space at the Early Bird Rate CLICK HERE

Events Schedule ::
Friday 16th Sept | 8-10pm | Project Butterfly Presents: A Salon Discussion with Bernie, Dawn & Charu 8-10pm
$35/ $25 if registered by Monday 12th September 2011.

Saturday 17th Sept | 10am-5pm | Intimacy of Being: Connection / Integration / Manifestation - An Experiential Day-long event with Bernie, Dawn & Charu 10am-5pm
$250/ $200 if registered by Monday 12th September 2011.

Sunday 18th Sept | 10am-4pm | Bringing it into Form : Bernie shares 'The Form Reality Practiceâ„¢
$220/ $170 if registered by Monday 12th September 2011.

FULL PACKAGE : Total Love & Consciousness Immersion ::
Register for Sat + Sun together *Come Friday FR*EE!
$420/ $320 if registered by Monday 12th September 2011.

Project Butterfly,Bernie Prior,Tantra
Bernie Prior is a Spiritual Teacher & Evolutionary Visionary devoted to serving humanity in awakening to their true nature and purpose, of evolving from the misconception of separation, toward an understanding and embodied experience of oneness and infinite expression.

Project Butterfly,Dawn Cartwright,Tantra
Dawn Cartwright has been teaching Tantra internationally since 1992 and is the founder of Chandra Bindu Tantra Institute, where individuals, couples and families are supported in reaching their ecstatic potential using the practices, meditations and techniques of Prasava Tantra.

Project Butterfly,Charu,Tantra
Charu has dedicated her life to living in Truth & Love and supporting others to do the same. The founder of Embody Tantra, she is best known for her candid "Memoirs of a Tantrika" blog and her down-to-earth approach. Charu is committed to supporting both individuals and couples in awakening to the most powerful teacher on this earth, their own human body.

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Project Butterfly,Kombucha Kamp,Hannah Crum


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