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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

10003 • Kunlun Nei Gung • 01.24.10 • 4-8pm • Please Arrive at 3:30pm

$88 pre-registration online, $111 at the door

Kunlun Nei Gung : Level 1 Seminar, Ancient Secrets Revealed

This seminar will focus on the Spontaneous Kunlun Nei Gung, a rare form of internal energy practice for re-awakening to our true divine nature.

Until now Kunlun has been hidden in temples and monasteries benefiting only a few people in each generation. The time has come for this knowledge to be shared with those interested in transformation during this time of ascension.

This practice is considered the fastest known pathway to re-awakening, because it quickly and simply removes all that is not needed. Kunlun reconnects the fragmented parts of our selves with the essence of all there is, and all there will ever be.


Participants will experience:

· Five Element Qigong

· Secret of the Golden Flower

· Kunlun Nei Gung*

· Maoshan Red Phoenix* *

· And more

A blissful internal energy practice that opens the body's energy system, which is comprised of 72,000 nadis (energetic pathways). Practicing Kunlun regularly generates psychic heat that purifies the entire body. The end result is that the channels can handle much stronger current. The highest attainment is the awakening of the golden dragon, or magnetic body.


A synchronized breath and visualization practice that creates a specific pathway to awaken dormant parts of the brain. This practice activates the pineal gland located within the precise geometric center of the brain, and is linked directly to the third eye. This gland is a vital regulator of the body's energy systems, and it has a direct relationship to our divine origins as spiritual beings. There is unlimited potential within the realm of the pineal gland: anti aging, natural release of DMT, telepathy and psychic abilities.

In this seminar, participants will receive the transfer from a certified Kunlun facilitator. The transmission awakens the specific route and frequency of the original light wisdom that has been passed from master to student through the many generations.

Some of the benefits:

* purify the physical, emotional and mental bodies

* experience internal bliss

* build immune system, health and well being

* complement other spiritual disciplines and healing modalities

* absorb up to ten times more bodily energy than a normal person

* access multi-dimensional realities

* attain Golden Dragon Body

For more information visit:

Contribution: $88 pre registration paid online, $111 at the door.
Includes a delicious, light vegetarian dinner

Time: 4-8pm

Project Butterfly
821 Traction Ave #108
Los Angeles, Ca 90013

Facilitated by:

Felicia Rondeau

Kay Moonstar

Monday, January 18, 2010

10002 • SVADHISTHANA: YOGA, TANTRA, & THE SUBTLE BODY • 01.17.10 • 4-7pm

$20 if you register by 01.11.10, $25 thereafter

Yoga Sadhaka Training- Phase 2

This event marks the 2nd of a series of 7 class/workshops comprising Yoga Sadhaka Training, to be held once a month culminating in June of 2009. Sadhaka is a sanskrit term for "practitioner." The aim of this course is to train individuals in becoming practitioners of the Yogic path, in order to access the depth of wisdom and transformation possible beyond the enjoyment of physical postures and brief periods of meditation.

Nadis, chakras and kundalini shakti
3 main channels: Ida, pingala and susumna
3 bodily energies: Prana, tejas and ojas
3 humors: Vata, pitta and kapha (Ayurveda in Hatha Yoga)
3 gunas: Sattva, rajas and tamas
3 locks: Mulabandha, uddiyana bandha and jalandara bandha
3 divinities: Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva
Om, Ah, Hung.

Hindu Tantra: History
Tantra: Myths & Actuality
Sitting for meditation & allowing energy flow
Breathing in asana and manipulating energies
Undoing physical knots, undoing karmic knots (granthis): relaxing in tension & breaking through karma
Nadi Shodhana: a practice for clearing the channels & balancing polarites.

Contribution: $20 Early Bird by Jan 11th :: $25 thereafter

Includes a light vegetarian meal after practice
Students may drop in on any class.
We are also offering a one-time option to pay $108 for the entire rest of the series (6 classes, regularly priced at $150).

To register for this class only:

To register for the entire series [6 classes] at a discounted price:

What to bring:
Bring a Yoga Mat if you have one, plus comfortable clothes for practice (work-out clothes). Also feel free to bring a notebook and a pen to take notes during the first half of class.

Project Butterfly
821 Traction Ave #108
Los Angeles, Ca 90013

Serge Berliawsky has been studying and practicing the yogic arts of India & Tibet for over a decade, and teaching for the past 9 years. Serge’s teaching draws on his knowledge of asana (postures) as integrated with ayurveda, and blends together elements of his extensive training in Ashtanga Yoga, Yin Yoga, Rudra Yoga, Kundalini, and traditional Hatha Yoga. In addition to teaching Serge continues to study Yogic philosophy, Tantric Buddhist meditation practice and Puja (ceremony). He is also a DJ, collector of rare records, and owner/designer of Sahaja, a Japanese-couture influenced luxury menswear line located in Los Angeles, CA (

Monday, January 11, 2010

10001 • Film as a Medium for Consciousness Transformation • 01.10.10

Film as a Medium for Consciousness Transformation

Project Butterfly, the Funkmeyers and Royal/T present an intimate evening with award-winning filmmaker and Founder of the Elevate Film Festival, Mikki Willis.

Hosted by Jenny & Otis Funkmeyer, the evening will focus on new Paradigms for Transformational Media as we embark upon the second decade of the 21st century.

Our communication systems and media technology have reached a level never achieved before. The technology to assist in planetary and spiritual elevation is here. The question is how are we to harness these communication systems in a new way, with greater respect, responsibility and intention? How can we forge this new path? What are the obstacles? What are the next steps to be taken?

You are invited to join us to engage more deeply in this discussion… This will mark the second session of Parallel University, a lecture series exploring the space where science, art, and spirituality merge.

January 10, 2010 7PM-10PM

$35 [includes dinner and a pot of tea or a glass of wine]
To register please click here:

Royal T Art Gallery / Cafe / Restaurant / Shop
8910 Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232

Mikki Willis is the founding director of Elevate Films, Elevate Foundation, and Elevate Film Festival, which challenges the international film community to create works of social and global importance. Mikki is the recipient of the 2008 Conscious Life Humanitarian Award.

The Funkmeyers is a dynamic creative partnership between Jenny and Otis Funkmeyer. They are performers, healers, and front line explorers of the New Reality. The Funkmeyers are the creators and hosts of Parallel University.

Royal/T is a stunning eclectic mix of contemporary art in Los Angeles's first Japanese-style cosplay café.