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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

11004 :: The Awaken Weekend :: 1.15-16.11

Project Butterfly,Embody Tantra,Charu,Kay Moonstar,D Miller,Tantra

Date :: SAT-SUN :: 1.15-16.11
Time :: SAT 10am-5pm | SUN 9am - 5pm
Location :: PB LOFT | 821 Traction Ave. #108 LA, CA 90013
Registration & More Info :: The Awaken Weekend

Event Description by Charu

For those of us who have devoted years of our lives to self-development and spiritual growth, we often find that no matter how much self-awareness we have cultivated we are still not experiencing the relationships & sex-life we long for… even worse, we know that the old models of ‘spicing up your sex life’ are not authentic to us…

Who do we even go to with our very real questions about how to navigate sex & relationship in a new way?

My name is Charu and I help people create deeply fulfilling, aligned, intimacy-rich relationships (beginning with yourself) that break-through the deformed model we have been handed and make way for a new way of relating grounded in truth and love.

In the Awaken to Your Body weekend event, I am going to share a simple, easy-to-follow, step-by-step 5,000 year old system that will help you carve an internal pathway to the relationship and sex-life that you know is possible (whether you are presently single or in partnership).

We will be establishing a new paradigm, uniting ancient meditations with comprehensive knowledge of how to integrate these tools into your life. Throughout the weekend we will work with different elements of active meditations to move you into a place of feeling your body in a completely new way, allowing pleasure to flow through you, experiencing your true power and deeply loving yourself.

You will be guided within a very safe space into uncharted territory and introduced to simple, but profound exercises which hold the key to breaking through habitual patterns. These patterns have been holding you back from experiencing the depth of relationship you long for, the abundance that can often seem just out of reach and literally the absolute joy and ecstasy of a life lived fully.

Awaken is not about changing who you are or creating more ideals to live up to - it's about awakening to the PRESENT and allowing yourself to fully feel the great pleasure and freedom of simply being alive. For greater results and impact than you've ever imagined... for yourself, your relationships, and the world.

This workshop is open to both couples and singles and is designed to:

* Discover how your sexuality is your greatest tool for spiritual growth
* Awaken new possibilities in how you relate to your own body, how you relate to your lover and how you relate to your life
* Free blocks in your body that are keeping you from experiencing pleasure
* Unleash a natural and integrated sexual awakening
* All exercises are fully clothed with no sexual contact


Because I want everyone who has a 'yes' for this event to be able to attend, I am also offering a payment plan.

Click here to register in 3 payments of $150

Project Butterfly,Embody Tantra,Charu,Kay Moonstar,D Miller,Tantra

Charu has dedicated her life to Tantra. Over the past 10 years she has studied and shared Tantra worldwide. Best-known for her candid Memoirs of a Tantrika blog and her down-to-earth approach, she is committed to educating modern minds on the ancient secrets of Tantra through coaching, events & home-study courses. If you would like to discover how Tantra can Transform your life, register online for the Memoirs of a Tantrika weekly ezine at

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jan 11 :: 1.11.11 Intentions :: 6:00-9:30pm

d miller,project butterfly,eden tull,miranda rondeau,midori takata

Date :: 1.11.11
Time :: 6:00pm – 9:30pm

Event Description ::

"Energy is our most precious resource, for it is the means by which we transform our creative potential into meaningful action." Tarthang Tulku

The new year is upon us. Join us for a powerful process for aligning your energy with your deepest intentions for 2011. This is a radically fresh approach to New Year's "resolutions" that offers a process and tools to help you manifest your dreams for yourself and your community.

The evening will consist of various writing exercises, meditations, and conversations.

This workshop is offered by sustainability coach & meditation teacher Deborah Eden Tull (link to website) and D Miller (director of Project Butterfly) who will help you make a personal plan for 2011 and give you the tools to actualize this on a daily basis. Project Butterfly has hosted this workshop since 2009 and it provides invaluable resources and a solid foundation for starting off the new year.

Doors will open at 6:00 pm. Delicious snacks will be provided The workshop will begin promptly at 7:00 pm (and doors will close).

Please bring a pen, a pad of paper, a blanket/yoga mat or meditation pillow, and an open mind.

Contribution:$20 pre-registration, $25 at the door


Musical Performance by Miranda Rondeau
Miranda Rondeau is a devotional singer frame drum artist whose music is inspired by the inward journey. Her chanting transcends literal language, bypasses the intellect, is devotional and invoking in nature. She embraces the drum as a tool of remembrance.

Organic Vegetarian Feast provided by Large Marge Sustainables:
Large Marge Sustainables uses fresh, local and organic ingredients and continually transitions to more sustainable preparations to bring you clean, delicious and beautiful food. In addition to catering, we also do the food for Cafecito Organico's Heliotrope and Melrose location, have done the food for school lunch programs, and host an event Monday nights at SiLa Bistro in Silverlake called "Fine China Family-Style," where the tables are communal and the food is passed by guests to other guests in Meg's grandmother's china serving dishes. Large Marge Sustainables believes in connection to a greater personal awareness, and an awareness of the collective consequences of our choices, through the act of eating, and we act on that belief in everything we do to prepare your food.

Deborah Eden Tull
Deborah Eden Tull is a sustainability coach, author, and meditation teacher who has been living in and teaching about sustainable communities internationally for the last 18 years, including seven years as a Buddhist monk at the Zen Monastery Peace Center in Murphys, California. Her approach to sustainable living is a unique combination of peace and environmentalism that emphasizes the interconnectedness of personal and planetary well-being. She is certified in permaculture design, bio-intensive organic gardening, and compost education and is the author of The Natural Kitchen: Your Guide to the Sustainable Food Revolution (Process Media 2010). For more information please visit

d miller,project butterfly,eden tull,miranda rondeau,midori takata
D Miller is Director and Co-Founder of Project Butterfly. Project Butterfly's mission is to cross-pollinate with other individuals and organizations that are actively engaged in positive transformation. Project Butterfly is devoted to holding space for visionaries, educators, guides, healers, artists and activists to communicate their vision, provide tools for inner healing, techniques to heal our planet and create unity through community. PB is a laboratory for consciousness elevation, responsible entrepreneurship, sustainable practices and community expansion.

"It profoundly influenced the course of my year to take the time in a sacred communal manner to really examine the narrative that was the previous 365+ days of my life. This workshop had my full attention as the exceptionally grounded facilitators Deborah Eden Tull and D. Miller, provided the tools and generated the space for me to creatively focus on setting my core intention for the coming cycle of seasons. I would recommend it to anyone who could benefit from the support of community in pushing the boundaries of their potential reality. Many blessings to Project Butterfly and Deborah Eden Tull for this evening. 20•E•11 is right around the corner. I’ll see you all in the river. Goddesspeed." -Baza Novic :: Evolver LA, Connnectar

Ever since 2009 when I first took this workshop my years have been solidified with intentions that have manifested to my liking. I taveled to Kathmandu alone, I have lost weight, I have a new partner in my life...just to name a few. Because of the simple questions and coaching offered I have been able to visit *tenderly* the dark places of nonmanifestation (from the previous year) and crack light onto it for the new year. This workshop has helped me to take action! -Lynn Elishaw