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Friday, August 22, 2008


Dear Friends,

Project Butterfly, Charu & Kay Moonstar invite you to another opportunity to experience the wonderful world of Tantra. We have been so inspired by the past events, we know you will be too. We encourage you to sign up early if you are interested in participating. This next event goes a little something like this...

Imagine a safe and comfortable space where men and women see each other in a new light.
He sees her as a goddess ~ a vessel for the divine feminine presence.
She sees him as a god ~ an expression of empowered masculine essence.
Through their eyes and their breath, they begin to communicate with their senses.

This is Puja

How it Unfolds....

The group forms an inner circle of men, facing outward
Surrounding the men is an outer circle of women, facing inward
Man to woman, they connect by hand holding, soul gazing and synchronizing the breath
The ritual progresses as each woman takes the hands of a new man

Singles and Couples are welcome.
Singles will meet new people in a conscious and safe setting.
Couples will deepen trust and enhance intimacy.

All exercises be conducted fully clothed and there will be no sexual contact.


The last two events sold out with a waiting list,
so we encourage you to pay online to secure your space.
Space is limited to 15 women and 15 men.

Date and Time: Sunday, August 31st from 6-11pm

We will serve a delicious vegetarian meal around 9pm

Located @ the Project Butterfly Loft
821 Traction Ave. #108 in Downtown LA, CA 90013
Between Alameda & Santa Fe
and between 2nd & 3rd Street
In the Arts District


For more information:


Open Heart.

Project Butterfly : Embody Tantra : Tantric Trinity
D Miller • Charu • Kay Moonstar

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Project Butterfly Session 888 | Friday August 8, 2008 | 7-10pm | $25

You are invited to a Sacred Breath Circle in celebration of a very auspicious evening, 8/8/08. A day bounded by 8’s is a most favorable configuration within the collective consciousness of the consensus. Eight represents energy, vitality, affluence and prosperity.

This Healing event will be focused primarily on Prosperity and what it means to each of us as individuals. The word "Prosperity" originates from the Latin word "Prosperus" which means "Doing Well". We will be using the timing of this event to really get clear and focused on what "Doing Well" means for us at this moment in time and what we need to do to begin to experience this for ourselves. We might just find that we are already Prosperous and that it is our old thought patterns and projections that are keeping us from seeing what is real.

We will work at clearing these beliefs and self destructive thought patterns using the greatest healing tools we possess, our Breath and our Intention.


This healing modality is fundamentally concerned with energizing the body through the use of an ancient breathing technique. The cultivated energy is then guided by the healer through intuition, oils, touch, sound, psychic means etc, to areas which are energetically blocked. The energy then moves through these blocks, clearing the channels, while empowering and activating our innate self healing potential. Clarity, Integration, Peace, Remembrance.

Delicious Food & Juices will be served after the Breath Work.

Presented by Peter Youngblood Hills and Project Butterfly

RSVP/Questions contact

Located at:
The Project Butterfly Loft
821 Traction Ave. #108
Downtown LA, CA 90013
[between Alameda & Santa Fe
and between 2nd & 3rd Street
in the Arts District