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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Limited space RSVP required:

Energy of Mother Earth with Tilak

Saturday, September 1, 2007 at 11:00 am > 12:30pm Q and A

Please join us in talking about the nature of our planet and how we are so
intrinsically connected to it. Tilak will take us on a journey into seeing
our earth from a different perspective. There will be time for questions at
the end.

Tilak was born and raised in Sri Lanka, a country located off the coast of
southern India. Even as a young boy, he displayed unique abilities and
sensitivity, which made him touch the life force in all things in his
environment. Today, he activates this energy as a transmission to expose
people to a space of heightened energy and to erase any darkness and pain,
bringing a cool light and cool breeze to the mind, body and spirit. Most
people experience this space as a burst of joy and lightness. This enables
people to experience a new opening in their lives without going back into
their stories and self-sabotage.

Event hosted by: Kara Yoshimoto and Project Butterfly

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Pre-pay online $55 | under Events
Onsite $60 cash or check made out to David Elliott

Limited Space, RSVP:

Bring your pain, hurt, old wounds – anything stopping you from being able
to forgive, nurture, manifest, love, and have gratitude for yourself and
others – bring it all, so we can open the pathways for Spirit to flow through
and heal you.

In this group David will help you set intention, focus your energy,
and create a powerful healing experience through a pranayama breathing exercise
he has been working with for 18 yrs. He will guide you through the whole
process in a very loving, fun-filled way.

Bring a mat or blanket to lay on.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Limited space, please RSVP:

About Gina Giacomini

She is an intuitive, lecturer and author of: Bringing Intuition to Work, Intuitive Handeln, and Intuition: The Key to Divination.

With a background in education and outdoor adventure, she has 20 years experience in conducting seminars for individuals, groups and businesses.

Bring balance into your life by using simple practical tools designed to deal with stress, enhance your awareness, focus, and intuitive skills and integrate them into your day. This quick step-by-step approach delivers practical and powerful way to rehumanize your life and reach your highest potential.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Limited space, please RSVP at

About the Artist

In a world of abundant poetic talents and the ever-expanding mystic genre,Dreaming-Bear Kanaan emerges as a consummate artist of quantum conscious poetry. Weaving together exquisitely crafted, luminous sentence tapestries,Dreaming-Bear¹s poetic delivery has been described as Rumi meets Hafiz.

Profoundly passionate and inspiring, this stunningly beautiful alchemy penetrates and opens the heart with healing effects that have been called ³prophetic!² and transformational, a lightening rod for joy!²

Classically trained, Dreaming-Bear graduated with a Master¹s Degree in performance studies from California State University Long Beach, and for years has been a celebrated author, troubadour, professor, activist, poet, & ordained mystic shaman.

Blending the ancient & contemporary, he immersed himself in inspirational performances on stage, in films, colleges, conscious communities, humanitarian benefit concerts, & in homes & private venues world wide via international tours, TV, & pod-casts.

For the last decade, he has been involved in a deeply personal journey of literally turning tears into tenderness, by using his gift as an orator, to raise awareness & action on behalf of refugees & victims of war.

Dreaming-Bear is the prodigy of Cherokee & Palestinian parentage, raised in both worlds; mid-east & mid-west literally meet within him, & his family suffers along with thousands of others in war torn refugee camps in Southern Lebanon. It is this paradoxical heritage, which gives Dreaming-Bear the global perspective & unifying presence to create open dialogues of compassion, whilst meeting humanitarian needs, & inspiring people of all incarnations to rise together in love.

³Poetry is a life path, a spiritual journey that has given a way to turn the darkness of cruelty & violence into the light of joy & celebration,² says Dreaming-Bear. ³These poems are vessels for the voice of the universe to open hearts to ever-deepening levels of authenticity, compassion and self-acceptance.²