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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Crossing the Event Horizon:: Rise to the Equation


On Sunday, May 17th, Jamie Janover, an Emissary from The Resonance Project, will present "Crossing the Event Horizon", the Unified Field Theory of Nassim Haramein.

Nassim Haramein's lifelong journey into the geometry of space-time, has lead to a coherent understanding of the fundamental structure of the universe and our existence in it. In this presentation, Jamie will take you on a journey through humanity's evolution, exposing the changes necessary to produce a Unified Physics; a unification of not only the four forces of nature, but also evolution and the occurrence of consciousness. Haramein's theory demonstrates as well a scientific parallel between ancient codes in documents and monuments.

From physics to cosmology, quantum mechanics to proton black-holes, sacred geometry, ancient cultures, crop circles, religious texts, Einstein's relativistic theories (with added spin and torque component) and the nature of consciousness...this all-encompassing theory may prove to be one of the most important discoveries of our time.

NOTE: This event will sell out. Seating is limited.

RSVP Required: Please click on the button below to secure your space.


Contribution: $25

Please email: for pricing alternatives.

A light vegetarian meal and drinks will be served.

The Trailer to the 4 DVD set "Crossing The Event Horizon":

Location ::
Project Butterfly Loft
821 Traction Ave #108
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Monday, May 11, 2009


Ethnobotanist Joan Stevens will lead a short introduction to the plant kingdom and our local plants in a shady spot near the road. Following that, we will hike up the trail learning to identify the plants along the way. We will taste, touch and smell our way along the path, learning how these plants were used traditionally and how to include them in our lives today. We will enjoy a snack break in a spot that affords us a great opportunity for some bird watching and exploring patterns of the landscape.

About Joan ::
Joan Stevens has a special relationship with the plant kingdom honed from years of academic study and journey work. When she looks out at the landscape she knows her plant allies by name in botanical latin. She brings a spirit of play and reverence to exploring the uses of local plants and an appreciation of the poetry of taxonomic names and evolutionary relationships.

Joan has worked with plants throughout the Southern California wildlands as well as in cultivated landscapes. She has interpreted the native flora for the Long Beach Nature Center, the Fullerton Arboretum, the Los Angeles Arboretum, Chino Hills State Park, and the Big Bear Forest Service. Joan's graduate research took her to the deep rain forests and traditional villages in the Ecuadorian Amazon, Samoa and Southern Mexico. Currently her attention is on spreading the word about permaculture and seeding the farms of tomorrow all around the city.

Inspired by her experiences with shamanic plants from around the planet, Joan aspires to relate to the landscape rather than just name it. As we tune in to the plants and animals that share our bioregion, what's available is a healing, connecting, and potent path to the present. In addition, the practical experience of knowing what food and medicine is a pretty handy skill set for the coming age!

Contribution :: $10-15 Sliding Scale

Limited space, to RSVP please click on the button below or email us at ::

Bring ::
Comfortable Clothes
Hiking Shoes
Notepad & Pen/Pencil

Griffith Park [ below the Observatory ]

Directions ::
Take N. Vermont Ave or Hillhurst North
Continue on Vermont Canyon Road
Past the Greek Theater
Through the tunnel
Stay to your left onto East Observatory Ave
There will be a small parking lot on your left
You can also park on the street
Meet us on the grass area next to the parking lot

Trail in RED

[map of area]

Sunday, May 3, 2009



"What Permaculturalists are doing is the most important activity that any group is doing on the planet"
-Dr. David Suzuki

This weekend's session of the 7th annual Permaculture Design Course Series will be hosted by Project Butterfly on Saturday May 2nd and Sunday May 3rd.

The Los Angeles Permaculture Guild has one of the largest and most dynamic City Permaculture groups in the world -who now work beyond the garden to bring sustainable solutions to city planning, community activism and more.

Larry Santoyo, Vice President and Field Director of the Permaculture Institute USA, Founder of the LA Permaculture Guild and Director of the ecological planning firm, EarthFlow Design Works. L. Santoyo is an ex-lawman (and outlaw!) has 30 years experience in natural building and sustainable landscape construction including 20 years experience as a Permaculture Designer and Educator. Santoyo also taught with Bill Mollison in Australia and in the US. Larry received the Permaculture Community Service Award from the Permaculture Institute (Australia) for his pioneering work.

The Two-Day Educational Event will Cover:

Water & trees, Keyline Design, the hydrologic cycle, global climate, agroforestry ::

Water has been called the stuff of life. Without it, life is not possible. We will examine unique approaches to water harvesting, storage and utilization, and the role of trees and their energy in landscapes to manage water, store carbon and provide other benefits to agricultural zones.

Urban Restoration, temperate and tropic zones, reversing erosion, management practices, difficult soils, compost, mulch, earth works ::

Cultivating Soil Fertility: The soil is alive! This workshop will cover key strategies for improving soil health naturally, and reducing the classic problems of pests, weeds and pathogens. Soil classifications and the role of soil in nutrient cycling and plant nutrition will be covered, along with restorative earth works and necessary equipment.

To register please click here ::

Location ::
Project Butterfly Loft
821 Traction Ave #108
Los Angeles, CA 90013