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Thursday, January 19, 2012

12001 :: 2012 Intentions :: 1.8.12

12001 2012 Intentions

Date :: 8 JAN 2012 | Sunday
Time :: 3:00pm – 7:00pm | Doors Open @ 2:30pm
Location :: Oshunmare
3233 Tuna Canyon Rd
Topanga CA 90290
Tuition :: $25 before Jan 7th | $30 at the door
Facebook Link :: Click Here
Registration :: Click Here

2012 Intentions
A Radical Approach to Setting Intentions for a Transformative Year

"Energy is our most precious resource, for it is the means by which we transform our creative potential into meaningful action." Tarthang Tulku

The new year is upon us. Join us for a powerful process for aligning your energy with your deepest intentions for 2012. This is a radically fresh approach to New Year's "resolutions" that offers a process and tools to help you manifest your dreams for yourself and your community.

The evening will consist of various writing exercises, meditations, and conversations.

This workshop is offered by mindfulness/meditation teacher and sustainability consultant Deborah Eden Tull and D Miller, director of Project Butterfly, who will help you make a personal plan for 2012 and give you the tools to actualize this on a daily basis. The workshop will begin with an introduction by our host Midori Takata

Project Butterfly has hosted this workshop since 2009 and it provides invaluable resources and a solid foundation for starting off the new year.

12001 Eden & D

Deborah Eden Tull & D Miller
Deborah Eden Tull is a mindfulness and meditation teacher and sustainability consultant. Her approach to sustainable living is a unique combination of peace and environmentalism that emphasizes the interconnection between personal and planetary well-being. She is the author of The Natural Kitchen: Your Guide to the Sustainable Food Revolution (Process Media), and is currently working on her second book, Mindful Living Revolution: How to Live Sustainably Inside and Out.

D Miller is the Director of Project Butterfly.


Midori Takata is co-Founder of Project Butterfly, Project Co-ordinator of the Yawanawa Project and a freelance commercial production coordinator & manager. Whether working on a commercial or organizing an organic gardening workshop, her intention is to always raise awareness, support consciousness elevation, environmental sustainability, indigenous rights, and spiritual healing. With her work she intends to bridge gaps and connect communities both locally and globally.

We Give Thanks to our very Special Musical Guest ::


Miranda Rondeau is a singer, songwriter, musician and frame drum artist and teacher, whose music is inspired by the inward journey. Her chanting and vocal style transcends language, bypasses the intellect, and is devotional and invoking in nature. Miranda has a body of music called "Songs of Remembrance" reflections of Love.
Click Here to watch her timeless & beautiful song named "Give Thanks"

Please Bring ::
A notebook & pen
a cup/mug for water, tea, etc.
a blanket & meditation pillow
bring warm comfortable clothes (natural, rustic environment)
a flashlight

Testimonials ::

In hindsight, what I did in the workshop last January was construct the engine that drove my year. It motivated my decisions--not necessarily easy ones, but ones that always resulted in positive change. I read more, I camped, I saved money, I cooked more, and I made two of the biggest professional and personal choices of the past couple years. This sounds like an infomercial but it's true.

"It profoundly influenced the course of my year to take the time in a sacred communal manner to really examine the narrative that was the previous 365+ days of my life. This workshop had my full attention as the exceptionally grounded facilitators provided the tools and generated the space for me to creatively focus on setting my core intention for the coming cycle of seasons. I would recommend it to anyone who could benefit from the support of community in pushing the boundaries of their potential reality.” Baza

“Ever since 2009 when I first took this workshop with my years have been solidified with intentions that have manifested to my liking. I traveled to Kathmandu alone, I have lost weight, I have a new partner in my life...just to name a few. Because of the simple questions and suggestions offered I have been able to visit tenderly the dark places of non-manifestation (from the previous year) and crack light onto it for the new year with Eden's guidance, candor, and love. She is specific, inviting, and she gets it done! I know I have. Thank you!" Lynn

Location ::
3233 Tuna Canyon Rd
Topanga CA 90290

Parking ::
Parking at Oshunmare is limited and we'll be at full capacity. Please carpool.