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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

11049 :: Sustainable Love :: 09.24.11

Project Butterfly,Gather Green,Magda Rod,Eco Sex,Sustainable Love

Date :: Saturday | 09.24.11
Time :: 12:00PM – 5:00PM
Location :: Private Residence in the Hollywood Hills
Tuition :: $40
Facebook Link :: CLICK HERE
Registration :: CLICK HERE

The Sustainable Love workshop & Pool Party by GatherGreen
a Project Butterfly Sponsored Event

Join GatherGreen subscribers, a team of sustainable loving experts and receive many gifts and offerings aimed to educate and enlighten you on Sustainable Love.

Speakers & Presenters include ::
•Stefanie Iris Weiss, author of “Eco-Sex”, via New York to speak to us about the many facets of going green between the sheets. You will be delighted, inspired and educated about how to make your love life more sustainable.
•Sensual Bliss Massage demonstration by Asad Khan of Massaging the Soul.
•Lecture and Aphrodisiac herbs by Rehmannia Dean Thomas of The Shaman Shack
•Hear from "Vanishing of the Bees" director Maryam Henein about the birds and the bees of eco sex.
•Learn how to create your own Pusanga or "Love Potion" from the Amazon with Taylor Estes of Eye Walker.
•Vegan aphrodisiac recipe demos by Just 'N the Raw.
•And special sound healing closing ceremony with Divinicus

Gifts Include ::
•Receive a copy of Stefanie’s book "Eco Sex".
•Receive a month supply bottle of Hot Rawks, an organic herbal superfood injected Aphrodisiac supplement designed to enhance your sex life.
•Raw Vegan Aphrodisiac Chocolates by Gaia Alchemy available for purchase.
•Organic wine tasting by Frey Vineyards.
•"Synthesized Spring Water" by Spring2o.
•Kombucha offered by Kombucha Kamp

Plus a Pool party
Bring a blanket or cushion to curl up in the garden for the presentations.

The ticket price includes a signed Eco-Sex book, Hot Rawks, all speakers, samples of yummy foods, chocolates, kombucha, pool party and more!

11048 :: Ojai Earthdance :: 09.23-25.11

Project Butterfly,The Ojai Foundation,Elevate Studios,Ojai Medicine Wheel,Ecotopia,Equinox

Date :: Friday, Sept 23rd @ 5:00pm through Sunday, Sept 25th @ 12:30pm
Location :: The Ojai Foundation
Facebook Event :: CLICK HERE
Info & Registration :: CLICK HERE

OJAI EARTHDANCE :: An Equinox Celebration
presented by The Ojai FoundationElevate StudiosProject Butterfly • Ecotopia • Ojai Medicine Wheel

A Fall Equinox celebration balancing Body, Mind, Heart & Spirit on the beautiful and sacred land of The Ojai Foundation.

Visit the website to learn more about the wonderful offerings, opportunities, accommodations, music, yoga, councils, peoples and bounty that abounds…

11045 :: Sacred Economics :: 22 Sept 2011

Project Butterfly,Charles Eisenstein,Sacred Economics,Complementary Currency

Date :: 09.22.11
Time :: 7:30-9:30pm
Location :: PB Loft | 821 Traction Ave. #108 LA, CA 90013
Facebook Link :: Click Here
Donation :: Self-determined based on your feeling of value and gratitude
RSVP Required ::

Sacred Economics
Money, Gift & Society in the Age of Transition

Talk & Book Signing with Charles Eisenstein

Project Butterfly welcomes back Charles Eisenstein for the grand release of his new book "Sacred Economics - Money, Gift & Society in the Age of Transition"

What does a money system look like that no longer destroys, but instead heals nature, culture, and the human spirit? In this talk and book signing, Charles Eisenstein explains how the transition to such a money system is already underway, borne of the converging crises of our time. Join him for a fascinating exploration of the personal, economic, political, and mythic dimensions of the transition.

Project Butterfly,Charles Eisenstein,Sacred Economics,Complementary Currency
Charles Eisenstein

“I consider Charles Eisenstein one of the up-and-coming great minds of our time. Rarely have I met a person who combines such philosophical and spiritual depth with such practical insights into the cultural and institutional origins of the potential terminal dysfunctions of modern society, and the potential solutions.”
David Korten, Author of The Great Turning

Sunday, September 18, 2011

11044 :: Salsa Workshop :: 09.18.11

Project Butterfly,Midori Takata,Cooking Class,Salsas

Date :: 18 SEPT 2011
Time :: SUNDAY :: 4:00pm - 7:00pm
Location :: Project Butterfly Loft | 821 Traction Ave. #108 LA 90013
Facebook :: Click Here
Tuition :: S30 in Advance ends SEPT 14th | $35 at the Door
Registration :: Click Here

Fresh Salsas Workshop
with Midori Takata

Come celebrate Mexican Independence and learn how to make a variety of fresh salsas with Midori Takata, creator of the annual Vegan and Vegetarian Tamales workshop.

In this fun and tasty workshop we will discuss fresh and dry peppers, and all the delicious ingredients to make traditional roasted, raw, spicy, mild, red, green and cactus Mexican salsas from scratch.

By the end of the workshop you will know how to make 8 different salsas and green enchiladas & chilaquiles. Your parties and potlucks will never be the same!

We will eat the salsas and dishes we prepare, plus you will have the opportunity to make your very own salsa and get to take some fresh salsas home with you.

Please bring:
Small containers with lid

This workshop is limited to 25 guests.
Online registration ends Wednesday Sep 14th.

Project Butterfly,Midori Takata,Salsas Workshop,Cooking Class
Midori Takata is co-Founder of Project Butterfly and the creator of the annual Vegan and Vegetarian Tamales Workshop which takes place at Project Butterfly in the fall.

Born in Mexico to a Japanese father and a Mexican Mother, Midori often refers to herself as 1/2 Japanese, 100% Mexican because of her passion for Mexican culture and Mexican cuisine. Her training in the kitchen comes directly from her mother Margarita Napoles, who owned many popular restaurants when Midori was a child living in Mexico.

Because of her interest in health foods, Midori has adapted many of her mother's recipes to healthier versions, while keeping the integrity of the rich & delicious traditional flavors found in Mexican cuisine.

¡Viva Mexico!

11046 :: Evolution of Love & Consciousness in Intimacy :: 09.16.11

Project Butterfly,Charu,Tantra,Bernie Prior,Dawn Cartwright

Date :: 09.16.11
Time :: 8:00-10:00pm | Doors Open @ 7:30pm
Location :: LightSpace Studio
Tuition :: $25 in Advance by Sept 14th | $30 at the door
Facebook Link :: CLICK HERE
Registration :: CLICK HERE

The Evolution of Love & Consciousness in Intimacy
A New Man, A New Woman, A New Humanity

with Bernie Prior, Dawn Cartwright and Charu

On Friday the 16th of September, Project Butterfly presents a Salon Discussion with Bernie, Dawn & Charu.

The beginning of a series of exclusive events where they will ::

*Explore the Evolution of love and consciousness between man and woman.

*Discover how we can enrich intimacy through connection and consciousness.

*Enter into a dynamic discussion of how our experience of intimacy in relating can actually effect the way we live on this planet.

*Explore with us how connecting to the body, mind, sexuality and the heart of our own being is an essential element for creating a new reality on earth.

*Learn The Form Reality Practice (TM): A 21st Century instrument of the Authentic Self, revealing Masculine Power and Feminine Radiance, evolving a new Man, a new Woman, a new Humanity

To learn more & book your space at the Early Bird Rate CLICK HERE

Events Schedule ::
Friday 16th Sept | 8-10pm | Project Butterfly Presents: A Salon Discussion with Bernie, Dawn & Charu 8-10pm
$35/ $25 if registered by Monday 12th September 2011.

Saturday 17th Sept | 10am-5pm | Intimacy of Being: Connection / Integration / Manifestation - An Experiential Day-long event with Bernie, Dawn & Charu 10am-5pm
$250/ $200 if registered by Monday 12th September 2011.

Sunday 18th Sept | 10am-4pm | Bringing it into Form : Bernie shares 'The Form Reality Practice™
$220/ $170 if registered by Monday 12th September 2011.

FULL PACKAGE : Total Love & Consciousness Immersion ::
Register for Sat + Sun together *Come Friday FR*EE!
$420/ $320 if registered by Monday 12th September 2011.

Project Butterfly,Bernie Prior,Tantra
Bernie Prior is a Spiritual Teacher & Evolutionary Visionary devoted to serving humanity in awakening to their true nature and purpose, of evolving from the misconception of separation, toward an understanding and embodied experience of oneness and infinite expression.

Project Butterfly,Dawn Cartwright,Tantra
Dawn Cartwright has been teaching Tantra internationally since 1992 and is the founder of Chandra Bindu Tantra Institute, where individuals, couples and families are supported in reaching their ecstatic potential using the practices, meditations and techniques of Prasava Tantra.

Project Butterfly,Charu,Tantra
Charu has dedicated her life to living in Truth & Love and supporting others to do the same. The founder of Embody Tantra, she is best known for her candid "Memoirs of a Tantrika" blog and her down-to-earth approach. Charu is committed to supporting both individuals and couples in awakening to the most powerful teacher on this earth, their own human body.

Kombucha offered by Kombucha Kamp
Project Butterfly,Kombucha Kamp,Hannah Crum

Sunday, September 11, 2011

11042 :: Clutter Free :: 09.10.11

Project Butterfly,Tracey Stanton,Clutter Clearing,Los Angeles,Relationships,Red Alchemy

Date :: 10 SEPT 2011
Time :: SATURDAY :: 10:00am - 5:00pm
Location :: Project Butterfly Loft | 821 Traction Ave. #108 LA 90013
Tuition :: $125 | $100 Early Bird if paid by 4th Sept
Registration ::

7 Simple Steps to Becoming Clutter Free

In this dynamic and inspiring 1-day workshop, Clutter Clearing expert Tracey Stanton introduces the 7 simple steps to becoming clutter free and letting go of excess baggage.

Time for a new groove! Clutter Clearing has far reaching effects on our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. Let go of items, say farewell to old patterns & habits that no longer serve you. This course aims to bring lightness, vitality and greater clarity to your life. Take off, let go and join the fun!

Tracey will:

• Show you how to identify physical, emotional and spiritual clutter
• Help you find a new sense of freedom, lightness and joy in your life as you release yourself from old habits, patterns or relationships
• Ignite the fire of determination to help you overcome limits and beat procrastination
• Teach you tried and tested techniques for staying clutter free
• Lead you to a higher understanding of what's important in your life

A major focus of the day will be to help you gain the confidence and clarity to make decisions and take action in your life. If you are ready for change, this workshop is for you!

Project Butterfly,Clairvision,Red Alchemy,Tracey Stanton,Meditation
Tracey Stanton, founder of Red Alchemy LLC, is a Feng Shui, Space Clearing and Clutter Clearing expert. Tracey is passionate about creating sacred and intimate spaces.

Tracey works internationally and in the last 9 years has worked in 450 properties in the US, Canada, UK, Singapore & Australia. Her clients includes residents of 1,500sq ft - 15,000 sq ft residential homes to small & large (25,000 sq ft) listed businesses. She regularly give talks and teaches workshops of her techniques and has been featured in magazines, newspapers and on television.

Tracey was personally trained for 9 years by the western world's leading Space Clearing Pioneer and Author, Karen Kingston.
Since 2002, Tracey has also been studying with the Clairvision School of Meditation & Spirituality, in Meditation and Inner Space Techniques (IST). She is a Clairvision IST Practitioner & Entity Clearer.

Contact Information ::
e ::
Tel :: Tracey 415.744.4979 or Sheila 626.488.8805