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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sacred Geometry and Universal Order • 03.03.10 • 7-10pm

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*Contribution: $20 if you register by April 30th, $25 thereafter

Sacred Geometry & Universal Order
Multi-Media Presentation
By New Zealand Artist & Cosmologist Jonathan Quintin

Sacred geometry is a bridge between the seen and unseen; the quantitative and qualitative; the finite and infinite. It is a universal language that describes the inner workings of nature and the intrinsic order of the universe. It is the natural sanction that unites all forms of life: from microbes, plants, animals and humans to the motions of the planets and stars.

Jonathan Quintin’s quest as an artist is to provide various modalities that help attune human consciousness to the harmony of universal order. He shows how the shapes, patterns and forms of sacred geometry are harmonic keys that can help align mind-body-spirit in a state of higher consciousness.

Sacred geometry has been used for thousands of years for a process known as “the journey home” – moving closer to Source and unity consciousness through the alignment of our senses with the harmonic shapes and forms that develop from uniform divisions of the circle and sphere.

The multi-media presentation includes a set of spinning fluorescent models demonstrating various universal laws at play and revealing a profound order that exists in 3D geometry.


“Jonathan is a magician. He intensifies my hope”... Jose Arguelles

“The 2D and 3D geometric visualizations created by Jonathan can have a profound impact on the observer as they activate an innate recognition of the primordial space-time continuum. I encourage everyone to take advantage of this rare opportunity Jonathan brings to the world that can help awaken the human mind to its full potential and connect to the greater whole”... Nassim Haramein

Contribution: $20 if you register by April 30th, $25 thereafter

To register:

Project Butterfly
821 Traction Ave #108
Los Angeles, Ca 90013


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