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Sunday, February 7, 2010

10006 • Dancing Structures of Unfolding Consciousness • 02.06.10 • 2-5pm

Dancing Structures of Unfolding Consciousness: Meditative Movement/Dance Workshop

with Ruth Gould Goodman M.A. L. Ac., Energy Healer and Pioneer Explorer of the Somatic Wisdom of the Body Author of The Sacred Book of U: “Unveiling the Lost Teachings of the Deep Feminine”
Live Music played by master musician Brad Wright

Travel within your body through meditative dance. Reconnect with a subtle gentle power that will rewire your spiritual, emotional and physical body back to wholeness.

Are you ready to connect with a personal knowledge of beauty, freedom and the power to attract what you need into your life? If you are, you are invited to experience an accessible path to self knowledge and self-realization; “a meditative movement journey deep into the innate knowledge encoded at the center of your Sacred Body.” Learn to open keys to the inner world of your body to translate the subtle world of body energy into an alive, breathing, and present-moment knowledge.

Contribution: $30 [Includes a delicious vegetarian meal]

To register:

Project Butterfly
821 Traction Ave #108
Los Angeles, Ca 90013

Please contact with any questions


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