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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

9033 :: Seeding Gift Culture


Seeding Gift Culture with Charles Eisenstein :: Oct 24-25

We have now outgrown the story we have been given, the story we are living today. Our hearts know that a better, more beautiful world is possible. Are you ready to move from intellectual understanding into embodied knowing and bring this new story into being? Are you ready to transform your search for solutions into evolutionary action?



Charles Eisenstein is a healer, traveler, teacher, writer, integrated holistic visionary and evolutionary proactivist. His recent book ‘The Ascent of Humanity’ ( identifies the core of the perceived human challenge… separation… and challenges us to collectively create a new evolutionary path, acting from the heart and mind on behalf of future generations, now.

The workshop::

[Graphic Design by Emma Hawley]

This is a 2-day cumulative workshop. All attendees must register for both days.

Charles will be leading an intensive, interactive two-day workshop that will propel all gathered to a new level of living in “the Gift”. We will experience, explore, and embody a state of being that the world is calling forth at this time, including gift economics, creating community, the power of Word, and the gift of attention. We will understand today's crises in a vast context that appreciates their magnitude, yet knows that they are part of a transformational process on the personal and collective level.

We will achieve the next step in the evolution of human society and consciousness together, collectively. It is something we pull one another into. It is a deep essence of "community" many now crave…and community, forever and always, is truly created through the gift. In this workshop you will deeply experience yourself as the gift, not as a spiritual dogma but as a living reality.

The contribution for the 1st day (24 October) is $65.
*The 2nd day (25 October) we request a contribution you feel values the gift.

To register please click on the button below:


Project Butterfly
821 Traction Ave #108
Los Angeles, Ca 90013


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