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Thursday, October 2, 2008


Session 013 | SUN | 05 OCT 08 | 6pm | $40

“Many of us have become aware that something incredibly profound is changing on our planet. We are sharing an amazing time of expansion and growth on the planet which affects us all at a very deep cellular level. These times have been described in many of the metaphysical circles as The Great Shift, The 2012 End Times or The Ascension.”

Project Butterfly invites you to share an evening experiencing the higher realms and the Ascension process with Lisa Renee. Lisa is a Spiritual Scientist, Telepathic Healer, Galactic/Multi-Dimensional Guide and Quantum Therapist. This event will allow you to interact, learn and share your questions, truths, and insights about your consciousness evolution during this Ascension Time Cycle. Emerge with a fresh point of view that is applicable to your unique soul plan and the co-creative integration of spirit with matter.

During this lecture, Lisa will speak about:

What is Ascension ( The 2012 Time Table) and what is happening on the planet Now?
How the paradigm of Male and Female relationships are changing relating to Soul evolution
Symptoms of Biological Ascension and Tools to be empowered through the shift
The process of Inner Alchemy explained and why the “ dark night of the soul” is necessary.
The Ascension Vanguard, the Indigo and Starseed consciousness families. Are you One of these?
The Hidden Human History Timeline and conflict over DNA and Starseeded Genetics



October 5th, 2008 : 6-9pm : $40

A delicious vegetarian meal will be served around 9pm.

The Project Butterfly Loft
821 Traction Ave. #108
Downtown LA, CA 90013
[between Alameda & Santa Fe
and between 2nd & 3rd Street
in the Arts District]

Inner and outer peace,

Project Butterfly


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